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From a single store, retail strip malls to larger office/commercial complex developments, the alliance does projects with local, regional and national anchor tenants. Brand names such as Rite Aid, Kohls, Pier 1 Imports, LaSalle Bank, National City and the Tractor Supply and Chipotle Grill are among the hundreds of tenants occupying Alliance properties.

Harvey Weiss started in the development business 25-years ago. In the past 10 years he found himself doing multiple projects with Najib Samona. They partner on select projects and develop others independently. The duo have formed an alliance for key projects to share resources and similar approaches and philosophies toward development. The alliance has worked well and the business associates are looking to expand our holdings and investments in key growth areas of the United States.

“There is a dramatic population and development density shift going on across the country,” says Weiss. “We are looking at projects that make good business sense whether in Michigan, the Southeastern United States or select areas of growth. We look at each development opportunity based on our proprietary criteria for investment.”
- Harvey Weiss
“While Michigan’s economy is in transition some are scared off by the uncertainty,” said Samona. “We see opportunity and growth here and in the key demographic areas we have analyzed. Where there is change, there is opportunity. While the economy is truly global, many prefer to buy local.”
- Najib Samona

About the Development Alliance

Steve and Najib Samona, Harvey and Eugene Weiss

Our Mission

To expand our holdings and investments in key growth areas of the United States.

Our Values

  • Accessibility
  • Integrity
  • Cost-effective
  • Innovation
  • Individualized Attention