Site Acquisition

At Samona Weiss, our skilled and experienced team work together with consultants to quickly and thoroughly evaluate any property at the acquisition phase and identify the developmental potential. Samona Weiss uses a strict and disciplined approach to determining land basis to ensure the long term viability of their projects.


Because the entitlement process can be complicated and lengthy, you can count on our dedicated team to help move the project along quickly. Our positive working relationships on the state, county and local levels will help get timely approval.

Design & Construction

Samona Weiss works with builders, subcontractors, architects and engineers from start to finish to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. Samona Weiss builds developments whose appearance and quality will stand the test of time.


Samona Weiss is experienced in designing and implementing multiple Phase developments. We work throughout each Phase to ensure it fits the long term vision for the development and asset, and meets the expectations of the municipality and tenants.

Property Management

As a generational owner of its projects, Samona Weiss prides itself on managing its own assets and delivering the highest level of service at an industry best cost. Samona Weiss engages industry best professionals to ensure properties are maintained in a first class manner. We are dedicated to making our tenant's needs a top priority.


Samona Weiss has a history of retaining value for its properties through its active ownership directly overseeing leasing, financing, capital improvement, and accounting. Our hands on approach ensures the asset is preserved down the road.